We’ve all heard it so many times, whether it’s coming from us or somebody we associate with; “I need a change in my life.” But then nobody ever does anything about it, they just continue to complain! Let me ask you this: What has your complaining gotten you so far; probably not much if anything. So instead of continuing to complain, why not start taking some positive action towards changing your situation? It’s a safe bet that if you continue to do the same things, you will continue to receive the same results. Some call this the definition of insanity; performing the same tasks over and over and expecting different results! It just doesn’t happen that way! Jim Rohn says that in order for things to change, you must change. “Your income can increase, but you must grow out to where it is, or it will quickly come back to where you are.”

“Your income can increase, but you must grow out to where it is, or it will quickly come back to where you are.”

The best way to picture this is by grabbing a rubber band. Now, stretch it out as far as you can without breaking it. What happens when you let it go? It goes right back to where it was! Now let’s take this a step further: Stretch out the rubber band and before letting it go this time, insert a glass inside the rubber band’s open area.

What happens now?

This time it only retracts as far as the glass lets it go!

See, you can stretch out the rubber band (your income) and make it larger, but unless you insert something in there to keep it that size (your personal growth), as soon as you let go it comes right back to its original size. So how do you grow personally? You grow personally through the consistent use of personal development tools and resources. Every single day you should be setting time aside first thing in the morning to work on yourself. Whatever it is that you do first thing in the morning is going to set your course for the rest of your day. Personal Development and growth is not something that is going to occur overnight, so don’t expect that.

Actually, other people will notice changes in you before you even know that they have occurred. They will notice changes in your attitude, how you handle different situations, etc. And you will notice that you are feeling different somehow … maybe … successful, or that you really CAN do the things you want and that they ARE actually possible? I noticed this change all of a sudden. It didn’t creep up on me; it was just there one day.

But before I noticed it, I had other people telling me that my attitude had changed and that I was different somehow. I didn’t pay attention to the comments at first but then, once I was able to see it, I started taking notice to a whole lot of change in myself … and my income! I do personal development every single day. First thing in the morning, I give thanks for another day and then I head out to the gym for one hour.

Once am back home, I make my protein shake and head upstairs where I freshen up and spend at least 30-60 minutes reading a book or watching a motivational video on YouTube or I just listen to some soothing piano only songs on my phone. It is the most eye-opening, fascinating 60 minutes of my work day! And my attitude, posture, and income are all showing the signs that I take the time to expand my personal knowledge each day. So, take the time to develop your mind and grow yourself.

Read, listen to audiobooks, and watch Personal Development videos on YouTube. Do a couple of these or do them all, but do them every single day! The changes in yourself, your income, and in your life will be phenomenal!

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Daniel Damilola Nejo

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Daniel is a content creator, web and graphic designer, digital marketer and musician endorsed by the UK Government as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology”.

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Abiodun Oluwajuwon
Abiodun Oluwajuwon

You always motivate me bro.
I was able to build some site with the course you provided (nejo University)
Thanks bro.
And so on.