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[Pictures & Video] My MSc Graduation & Message To My Grand Kid.

I remember in 2015 when I was in my home office in Nigeria and a thought just crossed my mind. The thought was to move to the UK and invest money I had made and was making doing designs for clients overseas into my myself by getting a Masters degree from a London based University.

So, I called my mentor – a London based Entrepreneur who happened to be a client of mine at that time and who is still till today and told him about my intentions and his exact words were ” Yes! Lets make this happen, lets do this”. Remember, this was just a thought. I hadn’t done any formal research on schools, the price and even the subject I was gonna study. I just wanted to further my education and I believed everything else would fall in place from there.

Now that the thought process had begun, it was time to research schools who offered the course I had in mind. I initially planned to study Telecommunications Engineering, so this was the research I made and after looking at the options of schools, I fell in love with Middlesex University. Its a London based Uni with a multi-cultural environment and because its based in London, it was a little bit pricey at £12,500 for the one year course duration ( as of 2015 ).

Price is just a number, we can do this, I said to myself even though I didnt really have all the money in the bank, I had some. But this meant I had to double my hustle and get the paper right. The money went higher as time went on, not the school fees though but the entire process of getting the visa to study in London. To get a visa to study in London, its mandatory that you are able to show the school fees in your bank account PLUS additional £9,000 for upkeep and accommodation for the one year of your course.  So, I was looking at roughly £20,000 to get this thought a reality. Fast forward to today, that thought is now a reality and even more than that.

I changed my course from Telecommunications Engineering to Business Information Systems Management (BISM) because I discovered 4weeks into the Telecomms classes that I wasn’t born to be an Engineer, am a more business minded person and someone who likes to solve solutions with strategic reasoning and the BISM course was the course for me. All praise to the Most High. This year has been a great one, I got endorsed by the UK government as a World Leading Exceptional Talent in The Digital Technology Industry for my impact in the Tech scene and potential growth I’ll be bringing to the UK government and now getting my Masters in Business Information Systems Management. I thank God these blessings and the favours that he has brought my way.

Now, lets go into the interesting part. Video and Pictures shall we?!!!!


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Daniel Damilola Nejo

The author Daniel Damilola Nejo

Daniel is a content creator, web and graphic designer, digital marketer and musician endorsed by the UK Government as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology”.

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Damilola, my mentor! What a feat of achievement! I hope to tow the same path as you in few years to come. I particularly find your blog posts and videos motivating. Truly, you deserve the World Leading Exceptional Talent recognition!



You such an inspiration????????????????


I’m happy for you bro.. got hooked by your mails and updates on facebook..
God bless our hustle bro.