5 Modern Canvas Wall Arts That Will Turn Your Empty Walls Into A Motivational Masterpiece

Sometimes, making changes and staying motivated to becoming the strongest version of oneself can be as simple as choosing a new Wall Art Decoration for your home or office. The Law of Attraction is a real phenomenon and it starts by what you surround yourself with and what you focus on because by focusing on positive thoughts, pictures, words and things, you will bring positive experiences and things into your life!

As someone who reads motivational books, listens to podcasts, audio books and watches a lot of motivational videos on YouTube, am some what of a Motivational Junkie. In this post, I’ll be showing you 5 Canvas Wall Arts that will not only beautify your space but also motivates you on a daily basis + they are pocket friendly.

(1) “No Limits” – This is my favorite piece in the collection! We all know that Black Cards can only be owned by the rich and wealthy! This piece is an American Express Card inspired wall art with a twist! What makes this piece amazing is the fact that you can have your name and initials on the art, this makes it very very personal! You wake up in the morning, look at the NO LIMITS American express card with your name on it on your wall! This is the perfect setup for a highly motivated day!

american express canvas wall art the presidential hustle

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(2) “Get The Bag” – This wall art says it all! Imagine waking up every morning looking at a piece of art with stacks of £50 notes in a Louis Vuitton Duffel bag. It’s not only beautifully designed but its a strong source of motivation to push you towards “getting the bag” (This art also has a Gucci Duffel bag variation)

money in duffle bag canvas wall art the presidential hustle

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(3) “Success Is Like An Iceberg” – A lot goes into becoming successful in anything but just like an iceberg, people most times only see the “success” but forget the amount of handwork, discipline and more that goes into the “success”.  This is a statement piece!

success is like an iceberg canvas wall art the presidential hustle

iceberg success canvas wall art the presidential hustleBuy Success Is An Iceberg Wall Art


(4) “Get Shit Done” – The word on this piece says it all!

get shit done canvas wall art the presidential hustle

get shit done canvas wall art the presidential hustle gallery wrap

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(5) “Expensive Taste” – This piece is for the Boss Babes, Boss Ladies and Female Hustlers / Entrepreneurs. The collection has a good range of canvas wall arts for the ladies with more being uploaded on a daily.

expensive taste canvas wall art the presidential hustle2

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All the pieces featured above can be purchased directly from the links under the pictures or by Viewing The Full Presidential Canvas Art Collection .

You can make use of my code Hustle10 to get a whooping 10% off any of the wall arts. All arts are shipped for FREE to all UK addresses. They come in different sizes and shapes.

Turn Your Empty Wall Into A Motivational Masterpiece 🙂



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