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How To Pick The Right Hustle & Become A Full Time Entrepreneur!

Being self-employed and “your own boss” is becoming more sexier and appealing now than ever. Almost everyone wants to be their own boss, even my younger brother who is still in Uni has been telling me “Big bro, I don’t want to work for anyone when am done with school, I want to be my own boss just like you”. Little does he know that its not as easy as it looks or sound, actually, a lot of people don’t know as well so its a universal thing. I won’t lie though, the idea of being able to work for yourself, not have a boss, work at your own times, pick your days off (even if entrepreneurs don’t have days off) and do what you like is so intriguing and some times feels so far fetched but its not. In this post, I will not give you “Woo Woo” information like a lot of people do just to hype you up, I will give you practical knowledge and guide just like I always do on The Presidential Hustle, I will keep it 100 with you and at the end of the post you should have something solid to work with. (more…)

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