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The 3 Things Missing In Your Facebook Ad That Is Costing You Money and Conversions

What makes people click, engage or convert with Ads? This is a million dollar question and if you know the answer to it, you will always be able to roll out Ad campaigns or even content that captures people’s attention, takes them through a journey and makes them take your desired action(s). (more…)

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Use These ‘2 Powerful Hook Words’ To Increase Conversion on Your Next Facebook Ad

The fastest way to put your product, service, name or content in front of the right people is through paid ads. Facebook has grown from being the biggest social media platform to becoming the largest advertising platform – it is so profitable to run ads on Facebook because of the vast amount of information and data they have and have collected over the years of being on top of the food chain.

You can go as in-depth as targeting people who have clicked on the “Buy Now” button on Facebook in the past week. (how crazy is that?) Talking about crazy, you can target men between the ages of 21 – 35 who like Cardi B, are into Tech and make over £35,000 per year  (that’s crazy right?!) (more…)

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