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The 3 Things Missing In Your Facebook Ad That Is Costing You Money and Conversions

What makes people click, engage or convert with Ads? This is a million dollar question and if you know the answer to it, you will always be able to roll out Ad campaigns or even content that captures people’s attention, takes them through a journey and makes them take your desired action(s). There are hundreds of thousands of Ads being launched on a daily basis from different businesses and people, targeted at different audiences and promising different results / providing different type of value but one thing that is common in every Ad online (or even offline) today is the fact the advertiser is trying to provide something of value to a group of people with the hope that they will convert into customers instantly or down the road. The big three main platforms to connect with potential customers are Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords and in this post, you are going to be exposed to some of the things your Ads are missing and if implemented will increase the engagement, click-through rates and conversions of your Ads.

Let’s Talk Conversion and Paid Ads.

Before we go deep into this post, let us actually define what “Conversion” means. Conversion means different things to different people, in its simplest form, conversion is the process of getting someone to take some predefined actions in order to change their current state. So, for example; If you sell a product, conversion for you means having someone buy your product. When they buy your product, they’ve been converted from non-customers to paying customers.

On the hand, let’s say you wrote a blogpost or maybe an eBook you want to give out for free, conversion for you might mean someone reading your blogpost or in the case of the eBook, someone downloading your eBook. So, conversion means different things for different people. What does conversion mean for your business or what you are trying to achieve? Serious business owners, entrepreneurs and people trying to make real money understand that you cannot rely on chance, luck or free traffic to run a sustainable business or get sustainable income, you have to put your products, services and offerings in front of people who are qualified or pre-qualified to buy, engage, patronize or consider what you have to offer.

This is where Paid Ads comes into place. Running Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youtube or anywhere you know your prospective customers hang is very important and will act as a positive catalyst to your business if used correctly. However, in order to get the best results from Ads, there are so many things that needs to be in place correctly, from the Ad creative to Targeting to the Offering and to the Ad Copy.

This is why it is more profitable and advisable to have a professional create and run Ads for your business rather than doing it yourself to avoid throwing money away and getting no results.

In this post, I will be picking one of the most important aspect of an Ad which is the Ad Copy and then showing you three (3) things within your Ad copy that if added will increase engagement, click through rate and ultimately conversion.

The 3 Things Missing In Your Facebook Ad That Is Costing You Money and Conversion.

1. Audience Call-out.

As humans, we love being identified and called out. Either by our names or something unique to us that differentiates us from every other person. When being called out, we know whoever is calling us, knows us and is probably trying to tell us something important and we instantly feel the need to “pay attention”. So, calling your audience out with your Ads does two (2) things:

  • Lets them know the post (or Ad) is only for them – makes them feel “special”
  • Gets them to start saying “Yes” very early in the conversion process.

Let me explain what I mean. If you look at the Ad image used above, you will notice that the Ad starts with an audience call-out which is also a question, it says “Still looking for a better way to communicate with your customers?” , what that part of the Ad does is very interesting. It instantly asks a question that calls out “business owners”, so, whoever sees that Ad (if their targeting is right) and runs a business will instantly pause and want to read because they’ve just being called out. The Ad does something also very interesting which is calling out a pain the audience (business owners) face which is something I talk more about in my eBook Campain, so I won’t be going into that here as I go into more depth in my eBook. That mere fact of calling them out will make this Ad perform better than if they had just gone the route of talking about the product, offering and service right off the bat! I hope this makes sense. There are so many ways to call out an audience, so make sure in your next Ad, you embed some type of audience callout within your copy and see the difference this will make.

2. Pain Call-out

So, in the first part, we talked about calling out the audience. Here, I will be talking about calling out the pain. I hope we all can agree on the fact that people make purchases or take action on things in order to fill some type of hole in their lives. This can be a pain, a need, a want or just the need to feel among or part of a group. Regardless, it all boils down to pain! In your Ads, instead of focusing on your product’s features and all the good things you have to offer, focus more on the pains being faced by who you are trying to sell to and then try as much as possible to bring that pain to the surface so they can feel it deep in their guts and feel the need to find a solution to that pain.

In the Ad example above, they called out a pain that ANYONE TRYING TO RUN ADS faces and resonates with! The pain is to “Reach the right audience.” Which is a very solid pain! If I was the one that created that Ad, I would add some more spice to it, for example, I would call out the Pain and then position their offering as a solution to that pain rather than just calling out the pain alone. (I talked more about how to do this like a Pro in my eBook CamPain) Ofcourse, in order to be able to properly call out the pain of your audience or prospects, you need to have done some type of research and have intelligence on what pains and problems they face.

Once you have all that sorted out, make sure to embed it in your Ad copy, you will see a huge difference. People love being “understood” and that is what your Ad copy will do. It will let them know that your Ad was specifically created for them and you know them on a much deeper level.

3. Benefit-Filled Call To Action.

A call to action is a direct request, instruction or command made to an audience or prospect to perform a specific act in order to achieve an aim or deal with a problem but a lot of Ads always forget to have this element in their copy.

They talk about their product, what it will do and what people will gain from it but they never give a solid call to action that is filled with benefits which entices people to take action. Just to be clear, a call to action is beyond just saying “Click here” or “Buy Now”, the best call to actions always have some type of benefit attached to the command.

For example, let’s say am running an Ad to get people to download my eBook where they will learn how to write Ad copies that increases conversions and brings 10x ROI. Instead of just saying “Click here to download the eBook”, I would say something like “Click here to get instant access to this insider system that you can start using immediately to 10x your Ad conversion” The difference between both CTAs is that one gives them a reason wrapped around the benefit of them clicking and am very sure it will get a much higher click through rate than the previous. So, make sure your call to actions are not just plain, but rather benefit-filled.

Rounding Up.

You’ve been on quite a journey in this post, I hope you’ve learnt something valuable. Like I said in the beginning section of this post, running Ads has so many layers to it and they cannot all be touched upon in one blogpost. Be sure to keep an eye on this blog as I will be writing more articles on the other aspects of Ads such as Ad creative, targeting and the likes .

I have only been able to touch on the surface of the key aspects of a winning Ad copy in this post, if you would love to go deeper and learn some behind-the-scenes, sneaky but ethical and secret Ad copy writing elements and also see how I re-write Ads from million dollar brands from being mediocre to being top-notch, then you should consider getting my new eBook called CamPain. Watch the video below to get some more insight.

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Awesome tips Danny. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be implementing this in my affiliate marketing business.


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