Daniel Damilola Nejo

Young And Hungry

Hey! My name is Daniel Damilola Nejo and am a hustler! Hustle for me has always been “a normal” thing because of my background. I was born in a Polygamous home and my mother wasn’t around to “protect” me from the lions (my step mothers and the harsh Lagos slum) , so I had to face alot of stuff that kids my age shouldn’t face, all those hardship made me stronger and has played an instrumental role in making me able to face challenging situations.

I used to rap. Yeah, In my undergraduate days – I used to rap and I was one of the “top” in my uni then and I really wanted to pursue music because I loved it and its the thing that I do where I feel free to express myself to the fullest. But just like a long distance relationship, sometimes – it gets boring and may come to an end. So did my music pursuit.

I started to notice something different about myself. I love business, I love digital designs, I love Entrepreneurship, I love thought provoking books – whether business or motivational and I love to talk and motivate people to be better versions of themselves. After reading so many motivational books, I started my business “Presidential Ideas” and my office was my Grandmother’s dining table in 2013 just after I graduated with a computer science degree. Graduating at the age of 19 with a 2.1 in computer science meant I had pressure on me to “go look for a job” but I have always not liked the idea of a “cooperate job” and to be honest – I don not know why. It just doesn’t resonate with me. I do not want to start the cooperate life at that early age, I wanna learn, I wanna experiment sh*t, I wanna do what most people are scared of doing which is – Not get a safe job!

After 2-3years being a digital design hustler in Nigeria, I had the opportunity to work with numerous businesses accross the world providing them with a brand identity and also web solutions. I started to feel the need to further my education so I can be at the top of my hustle. So I enrolled for a Masters course in Business Information Systems Management at the Middlesex University in London. This decision wasn’t mine alone, my Mentor – Andrew Green assisted and influenced my move to London.

After almost completing my course, I started to ask my self – “What are you gonna do with your degree” and the answer was for me to use my knowledge to help better my client’s businesses and also create a blog “The Presidential Hustle” where I will talk about all the behind the scene strategies, frameworks and business models used by top brands inorder to gain to competive advantage over others all of which I have been able to learn during my course.

I wanna be the strongest version of myself in all ramifications of my life. As i continue on this Hustle road, I am going to learn new sh*t, explore new things, make cool money, have a fantastic life and also face the learning curves that comes with the Hustle!