InternetStart A Business

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an “InfoPreneur” in 2020 (Your Road To your First $1000) ?

In this post, I will be showing you exactly how to tap into the most cost effective and easiest (in my opinion) online business to get into.

I will share my personal experience as someone who makes over $30k/month as an infopreneur and also share a Forbes interview with a multi-millionaire entrepreneur that solidifies infopreneurship as a business model to take advantage of.

This will be an in-depth post with a lot of nuggets and practical advice. (more…)

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The Best 3 WordPress Hosting Comparison UK

What is the best WordPress Hosting Companies for UK businesses and websites? This is a very important question and in this post, I do not intend to write long stories about which is best from my point of view, rather, I intend to use third party people’s review of the best WordPress hosting companies. So, you will be seeing reviews from top bloggers, developers, business owners and polls from people on Facebook and Twitter. (more…)

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InternetThe Hustle

[You’ve Been Lied To]: The 1 TRUTH About Making Money Online & Offline

A lot of people want to do “the internet business thing” , it sounds like a lot of fun to work online, on your computer and make money without going to a 9-5 job right? You don’t need to answer because I already know the answer is Yes! Who doesn’t want to work from home, sip some coke and watch money roll into their bank account! Its like the new thing now, you hear of people making money on the internet, doing legitimate businesses and living the 9-5 free lifestyle and you wish that was you, you wish you can do the same because you are tired of the job life or not even having a job at all. (more…)

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The Move From MarketPLACE to MarketSPACE

Another day…another buzz word! When giant retailers like Walmart, the largest grocery retailer in the U.S who became very successful and popular for owning and operating a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores decide to also run an online e-commerce website to sell their products, you know that they understand the importance and potential of being in the Marketspace as well as dominating in the Marketplace. I often come in contact with small and medium businesses who sell products ( own a physical store ) and do not also run an e-commerce website to list and sell the same products in their brick and mortar store on the internet. Their excuses for not doing so is always in the lines of “Our customers come to the store to buy the products and we do not really see the importance of having an online store”  and sometimes I get the “Ermmmm! Having an e-commerce website is expensive”. Sorry to burst your bubbles, Its  not! its actually a cost-effective way to place your product in the front of millions of potential buyers or hundreds and thousands within your locality. In this post, I intend to highlight some of the unique features of E-commerce and why you should have a website to sell your products. Ubiquity The internet is now available to more people now more than ever. People can now browse for products and goods from their homes, workplace, school, church , anywhere…anytime! This has led to enhanced customer convenience and reduced shopping costs for the customers. Although the internet has numerous advantages, one of its “disadvantage” is its influence on people ; people are now more lazy now more than ever, they want to browse and buy things all from their phone now. Use this to your advantage – place your products online! Global Reach Do you know a city or country without borders? I doubt you do. The internet doesn’t have borders or walls, it serves everyone…everywhere, meaning your product can reach across national boundaries around the earth without any limitation ( oh, don’t forget you would need to comply to laws in some Jurisdictions…but am sure you get the gist). The MarketSpace includes billions of potential buyers and customers ready to be served by your business. Place your products online! Richness An obvious excuse for not having an e-commerce store would be “The customers can come in, see the product, feel the product and buy it” . Funny enough, the internet also offers the same features. Although your customers may not be able to “feel” your product, but with the use of video, audio, and text, your customers get the same experience on the internet as they would in your “physical store”. You are able to create a rich customer experience for your potential customers while they are in their pyjamas. Social technology Its no news that customers are now “social” and by social I do not only mean that they now have a facebook, snapchat or twitter account – I mean they are now engaged in “user generated contents” which is the foundation of social media. There is no better time than now to place your products online, customers are eager to write reviews on products they have purchased and also help others choose good products from bad ones by “word of finger” ( a word I coined which means – recommendations on the internet, or Internet Word Of Mouth) Like I stated in the earlier part of this post, getting your e-coomerce website setup can be a cost effective way to place your product infront of potential ready-to-buy customers. I hope the few key benefits listed above helps you understand why and how your sales can double if you also sell online rather than relying on just your offline endeavors. [ad name=”HTML”]  

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If Your Website Sucks – So Does Your Brand

I cannot count how many times have had to explain to businesses that their website is an extension of their brand. In this internet age, a company without a website can easily be passed off as “non-existent”, thinking things cannot even get worse , a company with a poor website can easily be termed “not-serious”.

This is something big brands are aware of and that is why they invest so much in their online presence. Although  I said; “invest so much”, websites can be a cost effective way of creating a distinctive brand for yourself as an entrepreneur or a small business owner. Getting a kick ass website in this day and age isn’t as hard or expensive as it used to be but it is important to understand that in the website design world these days – what you pay for is what you get!

So, stop looking for the cheapest options or designers in third world countries. Instead, think like a strategic hustler / entrepreneur, try get someone who you can create a strategic relationship with to get a modern and clean website at an affordable price where you both are happy. ( Also, please DO NOT be tempted to design your website yourself if you are not a seasoned designer ) . I remember the time I worked with a startup business in London who makes close to £1,000,000 in revenue every year.

They had a website which they had someone design when they started the company about 4-5years ago. The website was poor. They started to get complains and started to loose e-trust ( when potential clients begin to mis-trust your business based on their view and perception of your online presence) , their clients complaints was nothing far from “You claim to be a top London firm in X industry, how can you expect me to spend X amount of pounds with you if you cannot spend a couple pounds on a clean website“.

Not trying to be funny but their website looked like a kid’s first HTML project.

A simple switch In employing my service to re-design and revamp their online presence made them look bigger than they are, feel proud to send potential clients to their website and increase the user’s experience of their website. In simple terms, their website became on par with their brand. With a website, an hustler can look like a small business , a small business can look medium and a medium business can look BIG! Its called “e-Branding” ( i literally just formulated that word 🙂 ).

With that been said, no matter what your hustle is, if you are trying to make it bigger than it is now, get yourself a clean website. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, it should be modern, clean, easy to navigate, easy to contact you and the most importantly – mobile friendly. This very little and cost effective gesture of getting your website right will strengthen your brand’s online presence.

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