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Customer Life Cycle Questions and Your Sauce. Yes Sauce!

Ouch! Been a while I wrote a blogpost. I was busy rounding up and putting final touches to my MSc dissertation – That thing almost took my life! But am back, stronger, wiser and of course more handsome! 🙂 Okay! back to business. As a business owner, it is quite important and interesting to understand and know what your customers are thinking about or their behaviour when in the process of buying your product or service. This in other words is called Customer Life Cycle. 

Customer life cycle describes the customer journey and progression of steps a customer (your customer) goes through when contemplating, purchasing, making use of, and maintaining loyalty to a product or service (preferably yours).

There are 4 stages in the customer life cycle and at each stage, the customer asks different questions. Smart business owners have the answers to those questions in their product offering and below I provide THE SAUCE for each stage and questions posed by your customers. (more…)

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