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How to Add a Picture To Your Apple Music Artist Profile 😎

Music is not just about music. Branding and how you are perceived plays a role on how your listeners and potential new listeners will perceive you.

One of the ways to brand yourself is to have your pictures on all the platforms your music is being downloaded, streamed and played. It just adds that extra professional and personal touch. (more…)

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TechNation VisaTier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa

Is It Worth It To Get A Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa Consultant? (my story) 🙂

Disclaimer: The information contained on these pages is for general use only and is not a substitute for speaking to a licensed immigration consultant and should not be relied upon as case specific advice in any form whatsoever. It does not constitute formal legal advice or give rise to any rep-client relationship. The Presidential Hustle disclaims any and all liability resulting from reliance upon this general information.

Do you need a consultant for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application? The answer is Yes and maybe….No! (more…)

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10 Famous People Who Stutter and How They “Overcame” Their Stutter ?

Its hard to believe that our idols, celebrities and people who have gained super-star status in fields where they are constantly in front of the camera and millions of people once had or have speech impediments. (a.k.a Stutter or Stammer) In this post, we will be taking a look at 10 world famous celebrities from different fields and how they treated their stutter, overcame it and the “tricky” techniques they used which most people don’t know about. (more…)

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