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[Video] Personal Statement for TechNation Exceptional Talent VISA

Personal Statement for The UK Exceptional Talent VISA (TechNation)

Your personal statement is one of the most important documents you will have to submit in your quest to being endorsed by Tech City UK a.k.a Tech Nation for the Exceptional Talent VISA. In this new video, I break down and give insight on how to go about writing your personal statement. (more…)

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The Hustle

[Endorsed By The UK Government]: As An Exceptional Talent In The Digital Tech Field

Hey!!! Have got great news for you, on the 23rd of May, the UK government endorsed me as a World Leading Exceptional Talent in the Digital Technology space due to my impact in the tech scene and my potential impact and growth I’ll be bringing to the UK digital economy.

In the video above, go in depth into the endorsement and what it means to me. I am so grateful to Tech City UK and the UK Home office for this endorsement.

It means a lot to me and it makes me want to do more as it is great and challenging feeling to be endorsed by one of the most powerful government bodies in the world for something that I do.

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