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Homeless Hustle – An Initiative To Keep Homeless People Warm!

With the onset of winter, and the forecast of snow and sub-zero temperatures hitting the UK shortly.  It’s a dangerous time for rough sleepers. Recent deaths of homeless people have been reported in Westminster, Edinburgh and Chelmsford, which have been linked to the freezing conditions. According to research by Crisis, there are around 9,000 people sleeping on Britain’s streets right now. Green Park Housing Association, a registered social landlord that provides temporary supported accommodation nationally in conjunction with The Presidential Hustle. Are taking up the mantle, to provide thousands of pairs of socks and gloves across London and Birmingham. Both Cities have a crisis with homeless and especially rough sleepers. Imran Baleem, Housing Manager explains. ‘ Over the years in my role, I have heard rough sleepers describing socks as ‘white gold’.

Many rough sleepers have to walk miles every day, just for the next meal. Socks not only keep them warm but also ensure they do not get foot infections and have some protection against serious illness caused by a drop in temperatures. Green Park Housing are embarking on Project Warmth 2018 hoping to deliver some comfort to those that are the most vulnerable and often hidden in society’

The Homeless Hustle Official Video.

Very big thank you to the team at Green Park Housing for this amazing cause. Thousands of lives were touched and big thanks to all the volunteers who reached out to join the movement, the joy and gratitude from the recipients was out of this world.

According to the Green Park Housing team, this initiative will not end here and we shall see more of this in 2019! It is the festive season, do what you can to help some one that is needy around you. Put a smile on someone’s face, you do not know how much that little help you give might mean to them. For more information please follow us:

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