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6 Clever Tools & Strategies to (Ethically) Boost E-commerce Store Sales

A large percentage of people now buy items online than in brick and mortar stores. By 2040, about 95% of purchases will be facilitated by eCommerce  (Nasdaq) What does this mean? Well, it means that E-commerce now plays a very key role in the buying process of customers and as the industry grows, there isn’t only more competition but business owners and marketers needs to find new ways to attract, retain and increase the average customer value of their visitors and customers. How do you standout within all the noise? How do you make customers trust your brand and business? How do you make customers feel like they need to bring out their credit or debit cards ASAP and buy from you before they miss out on something very valuable a.k.a Creating Urgency? How do you increase online sales fast? Ultimately! How do you make more sales with your E-commerce website or business?

In this post, I will be showing and introducing some marketing tactics, hacks and strategies in form of light-weight  tools that can and will increase the trust and sales on your E-commerce website. I personally run about 3 E-commerce stores for my various businesses and I also manage a handful of E-commerce websites for my clients.

First we worry about how to get eye balls on the website (traffic / visitors), then we worry about how to make visitors trust the website enough to buy from it and most importantly how to make them whip out their card ASAP and go through with the purchase because at the end of the day, the products being sold will genuinely add value to the end consumer!

These tools are proven to increase conversions. Whether your store is built on Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Magento, Weebly or Lightspead, these tools and strategies will work fine and they can be installed within minutes without having to hire a tech guy (ouch! Am going to loose money with this post)

Ready to increase your sales by 45%+?

6 Clever Tools & Strategies to (Ethically) Boost E-commerce Store Sales The Presidential Hustle

#1. Sales Pop

Increase sales on ecommerce store with sales pop
The Sales Pop Tool

Human beings love to follow and do what others do. We are social beings and this is why the concept of “Social Proof” has always been a strategy used in marketing or advertising to increase sales. If you are new in a town or country and you wanted to get some food, and there are two shops opposite one another.

One of the shop looks empty, there is no one in it either buying or window shopping but the other one has people coming in and out and looks busy! Which one would you want to buy from and why? If you are like most humans (I hope you are human reading this), you would most likely want to go into the store with activity, people coming in and out and people buying as this shows you or tells your brain that whatever they are selling is good and this is why people are buying from them.

Your brain will also tell you that the other store with little or nobody in it is most likely not as good as the other one, because if it was a good store and they sold great products – there would be people buying from them. Even though this might not be true for all circumstances, you will most likely want to buy from the store that has “activity” because you are a social being and you are human.

How do you replicate that real life store activity online? Sales Pop! Sales Pop is a light weight tool that all E-commerce stores that want to make sales, increase trust and create urgency should have installed on their website! The best thing is that it is 100% Free!

That’s right! You can duplicate and replicate the “busy shop” effect that makes people perceive one store as better than the other in your own E-com store without paying a dime.

Features of the Sales Pop Tool.

  • One-click installation, no coding required
  • Mobile responsive and light weight
  • The app will sync your store data and work immediately
  • Creates Urgency
  • Shows your store and website as “busy”
  • You can customize it for different holidays (e.g Have Christmas styled Pop-ups)
  • It take less than 2 minutes to create and show your own custom notifications
  • 100% Free!

#2. Countdown Cart.

Boost sales with urgency and scarcity on ecommerce stores
Countdown Cart Tool

Getting traffic to your website is not easy especially with all the noise online and also trying to compete with businesses with large budgets or  even bigger market-share. As an E-com store owner or marketer that has worked hard in creating a digital marketing plan either through FREE or PAID ads and has been successful in bringing customers to a product page, the last thing you want is for them to leave that page without taking action a.k.a. Adding to cart and ultimately making a purchase.

How can you increase your conversion rate? What makes people buy? Well, the answer is the good old “FOMO” FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. Humans will go above and beyond not to feel like they missed out on a good deal or offer, we always want to feel like we “took advantage” of something or a situation! We always want to win! How can you make use of this human psychology in your online store to increase sales? Countdown Cart! There is a weird thing that happens within us when we see a countdown timer.

We feel like something is about to be exhausted and if the countdown runs out, we will loose and will not be involved. We fear we will miss out. So, what does the brain do? The brain creates excuses and reasons on why we should take advantage of that particular situation or circumstances and come out as the winner. The Sales Countdown tool will help E-commerce stores tap into the human psychology of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to increase sales and conversions!

The tool is 100% free! That’s right, you can get this tool that has the potential of increasing sales and creating urgency on your store for FREE.

Boost sales with urgency and scarcity on ecommerce stores mobileFeatures of the Sales Countdown Tool.

  • Light weight and easy to install
  • One-click installation, no coding required
  • Boost sales by creating “urgency”
  • Beautiful and responsive timer
  • Social proof
  • 100% FREE


#3. Recover Cart Pusher

Increase sales on ecommerce store with Recover Cart Pusher
Recover Cart Tool

75.6% of customers abandon their cart without going ahead with the purchase. (SaleCycle) How many times have you wanted to buy a product and then you add it to the cart and suddenly, your cat or dog gets hit by 72 cars or you fall off a plane and you forgot to checkout the item? Well, those situations are very extreme and will most likely never happen in a real and normal life situation but the point is that we most times do not go ahead with our purchases because life gets in the way or we just need some more time to justify what we are about to buy!

If you sell products online, you know this happens and it is eating your business! Why can’t they just checkout? They’ve have clearly added the product to cart! Just checkout godammit! What if you could send them a quick notification on their browser / computer about their abandoned cart? Could you even offer them an incentive such as a coupon and discount code that entices them to complete their purchase? Yes you can using the Recover Cart Pusher.

The Recover Cart Pusher helps you send personalized push notifications to customers (or potential customers) who have abandoned their cart right on their desktop or mobile phone. This light-weight tool will allow you to re-engage your customers and incentivize them with discount codes to take action. It is a 100% FREE tool that can be installed on your E-com store rightnow.

Since the web-push notification does not require a lot of information from your visitors (such as email or name), just a click of a button, this is a much better way to engage customers without asking for much.

Features of the Recover Cart Pusher Tool.

  • Light weight and easy to install
  • One-click installation, no coding required
  • Boost sales by re-engaging and incentivizing your visitors.
  • Higher open-rate than emails or sms
  • Real time communication
  • Higher conversion rate
  • 100% FREE

#4 Boost Sales.

Increase sales on ecommerce store with boost sales upsell and cross sells 1
Boost Sales Tool

Smart marketers and E-com store owners understand that all traffic that lands on their website should not go to waste, they should be maximized! How can you increase the sales and profit on your store with the same amount of traffic you are already receiving? You can do this in 2 ways: Increase average order value from each customer (Up-Sell), and Sell more items to one customer (Cross-Sell). There’s a big chance that the products you sell on your website are somehow related to one another.

For example, if you sell Trousers, you might also sell Belts and Shoes. They all go together. So, someone is about to buy a Trouser and they’ve added it to cart, you can instantly Cross-sell them a belt, they would need a belt to hold the trouser on their waist won’t they? And you can go one-step further to Up-sell them a sneaker that goes with the trouser they’ve just picked. All you are doing is trying to maximize the average order value of that customer without spending more in marketing or advertising and if you pair the products correctly, you will be able to get some really great conversions without any more spent.

Increase Order Value With Up-Sells & Cross-Sells Upsell empowers you to suggest customers higher-end alternatives or relevant products so you can easily increase average order value from all orders. This same strategy of Cross-Sells and Up-Sells is seen almost everyday in Restaurants and Eateries such as McDonalds. You might go in for Chicken and then you get Up-sold or Cross-sold on Chips or Fries or even a bottle of Pepsi. Its a trusted and tested strategy to increase the profitability of one customer.

How can you make use of this in your E-commerce store? Boost Sales light-weight tool is your answer. It works with almost all the E-com platforms out there and its plug and play. When visitors add an item to cart, a popup will appear to up-sell them a list of better options that they might be interested in or Cross-sell them other items that complements the product they added to cart. The app costs $30/month but you can try it for FREE for 15days. Within those days, you will be able to make back and even more of your investment.

That’s a good deal!

Features of the Boost Sales Tool.

  • Light weight and easy to install
  • One-click installation, no coding required
  • Boost sales by Up-selling and Cross-selling customers based on their buying behavior
  • Can be configured to make use of artificial intelligence to suggest based on behaviors.
  • Product bundling
  • Ability to gamify your offers and products
  • Offer coupons on a particular order amount
  • Higher conversion rate
  • 15-day free trial. Cancel anytime. No risk and then $30/month

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#5. Insightful

Increase sales on ecommerce store with heat maps and insightful
Insightful Heatmaps Tool

If you had a video or a playback of how customers viewed your website, how they scrolled and stopped, what they clicked on and what they passed by…would you be able to use that data to optimize your store by only showing or improving what customers paid more attention to and led them to converting or even bouncing? If you walk into a big store, you would notice that items and products are arranged in a particular way.

They are not arranged like that by accident, they are arranged from years and lots of money spent in Visual Merchandising to see how customers behave around a product based on the arrangement or even signs or stickers on them. This costs big brands a lot of money but also brings them more in return. There is a tool that can allow you watch (sounds creepy?) how your visitors navigate your website. The tool is called Insightful and it will automatically record every visitor to your store in a video format, showing how they click, tap, move their cursor and navigate across multiple pages on your E-com store. How valuable is this data to you? Can it help you remove redundant things and thereby increase conversion?

If your answer is yes, Get Insightful! By watching these recordings of your customer on your website, you can immediately know the exact journey of every visitor through your site, how long they stay and where they get stuck, and then use these data to improve your store performance. After installing, you will be able to dig deep into your product potential by knowing exactly what makes some products sell like hot cakes, but many others do not, then come up with some ideas to optimize the bad ones for more conversions.

Features of the Insightful Heatmaps Tool.

  • Light weight and easy to install
  • One-click installation, no coding required
  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Real-time and accurate data
  • Gain Broader Customer Insight
  • Tracks customers on Mobile, Tablets and PC
  • Automatically Get Insights Into Every Single Product
  • User Recordings – Understand Every Shopper’s Behaviors
  • Higher conversion rate
  • 15-day free trial. Cancel anytime. No risk and then $20/month

#6. Checkout Booster

Increase sales on ecommerce store with checkout booster
The Checkout Booster Tool

If you have been reading this post, you would remember that earlier, we talked about he fact that upwards of 70% of people will add products to cart but will not complete their purchase. This hurts your business and the only way to get people completing their purchase, is to motivate or incentivize them. How can you prevent cart abandonment and boost social traffic at the same time without spending more on advertising and marketing?

Let’s take a look at a scenario: Let’s say you are selling iPhone cases, it’s perfect to offer a screen protection for free if customers share a product on their Facebook. It will not only motivate them to finish purchase to catch your offer, but it will help a lot in introducing new customers to your store without spending any fee on Marketing or Facebook Ads.

You can drastically reduce the abandonment by using the Checkout Boost Tool.

It actually does more than boost your checkout, it also helps your store get some social traffic for free, performs exit-intent pop-ups that offers an enticing coupon and convert them into sale and more! When your customer checks out, a beautifully-designed popup window will open the chance for them to receive a gift or a coupon code if they share their carts on social networks and can also be configured to show when they are about to leave your website, leveraging the forward thinking exit-intent technology.

Increase sales on ecommerce store with checkout booster 1

Features of the Checkout Booster Tool.

  • Light weight and easy to install
  • One-click installation, no coding required
  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Create as many gifts, discounts as you want
  • Set free gift, free shipping or discount for some products only, for a collection or for all products
  • Want to send offer to customers right away without asking for social network sharing? Yes, you can always do that!
  • 15-day free trial. Cancel anytime. No risk and then $20/month

Have you found this tools useful? Share your views and comments below, lets have a vibe! Which one will you make use on your store?

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This is a great one sir. God bless you. I’m currently enrolled at the university studying Facebook ad mastery.