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Creating Your Own Opportunities | The Story Of Nejo.

The day that you are aware of the fact that you have the power to change your story, that day marks a turning point in your life. Most people see the success and glamour of successful people but they do not see the hustle, the grind and the decisions they had to make. I was born and raised in AJEGUNLE, Olodi Apapa, Lagos which is one of the slums of Lagos to a Polygamous house, my mum was the 3rd wife out of 4 wives my dad had. I have 10 other siblings but I am the only child my mother had with my dad before they splitted. Since my parents splitted when I was very young, it meant I had live in the midst of my stepmums (trust me, polygamy in the slums is crazy) , I grew up around alot of negative energy and being the only kid without a mother present, I was deemed the least possible to succeed.

But I made a decision at a very young age to turn my story around, because I was born into such a harsh background doesn’t mean I have to remain there. In the video, I talked more about making a decision, creating my own opportunities, getting my Masters, being endorsed by the UK government as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in the Digital Tech Field” and I share 3 proven ways to create your own opportunities and live a life a greatness.


Daniel Damilola Nejo

The author Daniel Damilola Nejo

Daniel is a content creator, web and graphic designer, digital marketer and musician endorsed by the UK Government as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology”.

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