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The Launch Of | FREE Digital Skills Acquisition is my little way of adding value to the world by sharing valuable and practical information and knowledge that can be turned into a source of income. Being a Nigerian born in the slums of Lagos into a Polygamous house of 4 wives and 11 kid, I know how it feels to be from the bottom. Regardless of my background and “crazy up-bringing”, I have never let that hold me back from being a better version of who I think I can be. I have always been someone who tried to create my own opportunities and when I graduated from University at the age of 19, I took my first step to creating my own opportunity by learning Web & Graphics design from my Grandmother’s dining table in Nigeria (people who read my blog or follow me already know this story).

The decision to learn a practical digital skill has changed my life tremendously. I seriously do not know what I would be doing rightnow if I didn’t decide to learn a digital skill. It has afforded me the chance to live a life free from the normal 9-5 job lifestyle being stuck in a job I do not enjoy, it has taken me out of the gutter, it has placed me in a position to be able to afford to sponsor myself in getting a Masters in London and also gotten me my golden ticket of living in the UK without having to kiss anyone’s ass.It has made me a better person.

I have since used the skill and experience gotten in the Web& Graphics design field into other Tech related fields, I have started a blog and brand –, created articles, eBooks and videos that has reached so many people and touched them in some type of way. Oh! I almost forgot – my decision to learning a digital skill got me endorsed by the UK Government as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent” in Digital Technology and have also been invited to wine and dine with Usain Bolt during his last career race in London by my amazing clientele.

In all this, I still stay grounded, still have a lot of fun but always found ways to better the next man –  especially people from Nigeria where I know a lot of youth needs mentors and intelligent people to show them the way. I am not a rich and wealthy guy yet but will be soon, so I cannot create a foundation that dashes out money in the thousands or millions but what I have is knowledge, information and skill which I believe is much powerful than money.

Money is just an illusion, it comes and goes. People can take away your money, but they cannot take away your knowledge, skill or information and this is why I launched to empower people around the world with high level digital skills that they can turn into a source of income for themselves and start a career like I did when I was that 19 year old kid living with my Grandmother in Lagos.

You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.

The website is dedicated to my father and the initiative came to me on my last trip to Nigeria for his funeral. I had this heavy in my heart all through my stay in Nigeria – I think my father was telling to cut the bullshit and help people without expecting anything in return.

No paid courses, nothing! Just straight help. I have spent thousands of dollars to learn from the likes of Tai Lopez, Brendon Burchard, Ryan Deiss, Patt Flynn, Eban Pagan and other gurus. The information and knowledge I have gotten from them is been used in my daily business and personal life and all of which I will be sharing in courses on

Students will get a certificate from my company Presidential Ideas at the end of any course they take, this will act as a form of proof for people who want to use the skill and knowledge to get a job! The University will contain courses ranging from Web Design & Development, Graphics Design, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing (Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords), Personal Development, Running a Social Media Marketing Agency, Becoming A Well Paid Freelancer, Copy-writing, Blogging and more!

If you are interested in learning any of the above skills and more, be sure to register today at and join the family of people taking their own lives into their hands.

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Daniel Damilola Nejo

The author Daniel Damilola Nejo

Daniel is a content creator, web and graphic designer, digital marketer and musician endorsed by the UK Government as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology”.

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Ope Odunlami
Ope Odunlami

Daniel, since I got this information during the last weekend via your profile on Instagram, I am still overly surprised Like, how can someone be so selfless and generous? In this age where what the majority are concerned about is how to make money and more money and more money, You stood out and decided to not only give people fish but even empower them and show them in a no holds barred how to catch fish for themselves. I have been to the university and I have been taking the courses. On your own, You are a GOVERNMENT !… Read more »


Congratulations bro. You are too kind. God Bless you