My Struggles of Being A “Renaissance Person” and Society Trying to Box Me

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Yesterday, one of my aunts gave me a call and said “Dammy, so what do you do? What’s your career?”. This is not the first time people have asked me this question either directly or indirectly (yes, I can read minds, lol) and the reason they do is because am a Renaissance person. Am multi-talented, skilled, have knowledge and show interest in many spheres across many subjects in life.

Being renaissance should not be mistaken for the shinny object syndrome. (shiny object syndrome is a disease of distraction, and it affects entrepreneurs specifically because of the qualities that make them unique. It’s called shiny object syndrome because it’s the entrepreneurial equivalent of a small child chasing after shiny objects)

A Renaissance person on the other hand is someone who is a prolific creator, is multi-talented, brilliant, capable, gifted and richly blessed with talents and most times it’s in different fields.

The crazy thing is – a large percentage of people in the world have a problem with renaissance people because there is a narrative that you should “pick a field and stick with it” and also a large percentage of people live the “safe life” where they make safe decisions and do not dare to be different or stand out. Most people with this type of mindset are usually the ones with a 9-5 job straight out of college or Uni, they believe you should get married at a certain age (or else, you’ve failed), they believe that you should and must have kids within a certain age as well and you should have savings tucked away (there’s no problem with saving money BUT I rather do things to double / triple my earnings and income than spend most of my time saving peanuts) 

Now, let’s go back to me and why I am writing this blogpost.

I totally understand and appreciate my aunt calling me and checking on me to see what am doing with my life but I lowkey have a problem with that because this is a narrative society has created and I hate it so much because it stifles people and makes geniuses come across as senseless and also make people live fake life just to fit in!  So, when she asked me, I instantly became defensive, out spoken and spent over 20 minutes explaining myself to her on the phone and told why I do all the things I do.

Okay, let’s go through a list of the things I do:

  • Am a website and graphics designer (I run a creative agency Presidential Ideas
  • Am endorsed by the UK Government as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology” for my work in the past 6 years and the impact my work and tech skills will bring to the UK digital economy and the world at large.
  • Am a social media Ad expert and manager (which is also a service provided under Presidential Ideas)
  • Am somewhat skilled in Video editing and I had to learn this because…
  • Am a video content creator (I have a YouTube channel where I talk about entrepreneurship, lifestyle and anything in between) plus I shoot videos for clients as well.
  • I have a brand / blog – (I receive countless messages and emails from people around the world telling me how my content has helped or changed their life)
  • My blog talks about Entrepreneurship, Hustle, Creative Design, Lifestyle, Motivation and other topics I have a strong understanding / experience in.
  • Through the influence of my brand, I have an e-commerce store where I sell Clothing with The Presidential Hustle branding and also motivational / lifestyle canvas wall arts (
  • Am a Musician, which is my NUMBER 1 passion and talent. (The video and audio of debut single titled “Eko to London” drops soon)
  • I do stand up comedy as well (why? Well, because am a story teller and am a fucking interesting human being with a great sense of humour)
  • Am a coach and mentor to over a thousand people (I create courses and guides on tech related stuffs and sometimes offer personal consultation over skype)

So, I can understand why someone might feel like am doing too much and I don’t have a “straight and defined path”. I totally understand but I can’t help it, I cannot help the fact that am creative, I have multiple skills and ideas and I do not want to confine myself to a box!

Let me say this before I proceed, If I had a “normal 9-5 job”, my aunt wouldn’t have called me to ask me what my career was or what I was doing with my life. Why? because having a “normal job” is seen and perceived as having a purpose because you are living a safe life, you get a pay cheque at the end of the month and along the line, you might get promoted to a higher position. So, your life is good and safe and that is what society preaches and wants people to go by.

However, because I am self-employed and a Hustler and I do some many things, all of a sudden, there is a need to be concerned about what am doing with my life!

Let’s get a few things straight.

When it comes to tech and digital technology things, I do what I do and I make a killing! Check my portfolio for Presidential Ideas, ask the clients, companies and startups I have worked with in the past 6 years and till today, ask the UK Government what they saw in me and my work that made them endorse me and give me one of the most stress-free Visas to live in the UK.

When it comes to content creation, I do what I do and I make a killing! Read my blog, check out my articles, ask the thousands of people who get value from my blog on a daily basis, ask the youth and people who have learnt web design, graphics design and social media marketing from me via my online university for FREE!

When it comes to music, ask the people I went to University with back in Nigeria who RainyMilli is and how I get down! Ask the producers I have been in the studio with, ask the artists who I have worked with, ask people who know me and my music. Wait, come back to this post in some months time so you can ask the millions of people who are about to hear and watch the video for my debut single “Eko to London” how my music sounds!

For my comedy thing, if you are my friend or know me personally – you know am somewhat of a funny person! So, I cannot just keep my wittiness to myself, I feel the need to get on stand-up comedy stages and have fun with people or pick up my phone to create a short 1 minute skit for Instagram!

What am trying to say is – in everything I do and every field am in, I GENUINELY enjoy, love and kick ass in the things I do! I do not do anything because am bored or I wanna try it, I do it because it’s in me and I feel the need to express myself so that someone besides myself can also see, hear, witness and maybe even gain some type of value from it or be inspired!

Unlike other people, am not concerned about money and having a safe life! I am more concerned about being happy! Do not get me wrong though, most of the skills and talents I have and things I do brings me money. What I mean is – If I am able to keep doing the things I love and I really do not make a lot of money from them, I will still be so fucking happy than having to do something that I do not like just for a salary or wage or having to stick to one thing when I know that other things brings me happiness as well.

I do not want to stick to only my tech stuff, I do not want to stick to only my music stuff, I do not want to stick to only one thing! I want to express myself in my full potential and abilities. I wanna do everything that makes me happy! I want to be known for the value each of my skill, talent or work adds to people.

This is why I can never understand or relate to when people say “am bored”

Another thing my aunt said which I totally understand because I have also thought about it many times is – “your social media and the perception of people as to what YOU ACTUALLY DO”. I have struggled with this as well for a long time, so, I kept my social media focused singularly on a single personality of mine – the tech and business guy personality, which means I only posted stuffs related to me being a tech and business guy! The “intelligent, motivational, guru kinda posts”

That was me playing safe and I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t totally happy because there is so much to me than just one skill or talent and the world will never know! So, one day – I said fuck it! I will post whatever I want as long as (1) It doesn’t tarnish my image or name (2) It doesn’t hurt anybody (3) It makes me happy and its an extension of my personality!

So, if am in the club having fun and I wanna post that – I will!

If am on stage doing stand-up comedy or I just created a video skit I think is funny, I will post that!

If am in a business conference and I wanna post that, I will!

If am in the studio recording or jamming to my new music, I will post that!

If am at the London fashion week repping my brand The Presidential Hustle and obviously surrounded by creatives, you damn right I will post that!

I understand social media and all my businesses have a separate business profile and me as an individual, I have a personal one as well and I will do whatever makes me happy on my personal one and obviously keep the business ones focused on the business related content.

My LinkedIn for example is my serious “Daniel Damilola Nejo” – the tech and business guy personality.  (Connect with me)

My Instagram and Facebook is a combination of my serious Tech / Business guy personality but also my witty, funny, interesting and creative personality.  (Like my Facebook page , Follow me on Instagram)

This post is getting too long, so I will stop here.

In Conclusion.

Not everyone is the same. Some people are multi-talented and some are not! Actually, I think most people are multi-talented but not everyone has the gut to explore and express themselves fully. Most people choose to be confined by rules of society which was created by people just like themselves.

This post is kind of like therapy for me to spit out everything have always wanted to say about this topic and at the same time inspire people who might be going through similar situations of being talented in so many fields but choosing to stay silent just so they can be seen as “normal”.

Things might not be all rosey for you right now and people (especially your family and close friends) might think what you are doing doesn’t make sense because you are not “rich” yet or you are not a “celebrity” but you know deep down how you feel when you do things you wanna do, you are the one who gets sleepless nights thinking of all the things you wanna do, you are the one who owes yourself happiness.

So, stop doing things to make other people besides yourself happy.

You do not want to look back at your life on your death bed regretting! You do not want to say “What if” and you do not want to hate your mum, brother, father, sister or anyone for pushing you to do things you weren’t fully excited or happy doing, instead, You want to smile and be happy that you lived and not just exist! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter, kindly drop a comment below lets talk!

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Daniel Damilola Nejo

The author Daniel Damilola Nejo

Daniel is a content creator, web and graphic designer, digital marketer and musician endorsed by the UK Government as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology”.

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Chiemezie Duru
Chiemezie Duru

Being Renaissance, has always been my thing.

I know I am multi talented, just find myself in one circle doing what I know best.

If I could say logical, I am ready to express myself to reach full potential.

I have been following you up for a year now, and I see you as someone with wild dream to reach diverse.

Great post, thanks for sharing