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3 Secrets Used By Pros To Write Facebook Ads That Attracts Your Target Market

Every business has two things in common; A Product / Service which they want to make profit from and a Target market / audience.

Ideally, in the real world – the audience is first known before a product is created i.e. before spending time creating a product, service or a company – there is already a demand for the product from a specific group of people (target market). This, by the way isn’t always the case, some products are made and then shoved down the throat of consumers and they become instant hits, however, to achieve that – a lot of money would need to be spent on advertisement and marketing to relay the values and benefits of the products to someone who wasn’t actively looking for the product in the first place.

As stated earlier, every business always has a target audience, market or customer; people who are likely to purchase the product or patronize the service that the business has to offer. A very interesting thing to note is that even though you might have done extensive research to find out that a group of people are likely to buy your product, long before they signup, opt-in or make a purchase – you need to learn how to communicate with them properly and speak their language so they can take your desired actions that brings a Return On Investment (RIO).

In this post, I will be covering and unveiling 3 best kept secrets on how to write effective Facebook ads that will attract your target audience, make them click-through and take specific actions that you want them to take which will in turn bring profits for your business.

How To Write Facebook Ads that Attracts Your Target Market.

how to write facebook ads that attracts your target market

The beautiful thing about what you are about to learn is that – it can be utilized for more than just Facebook ads. It can be used in other aspects of marketing and even in real life one-on-one sales situations.

1. Identify Their Pains & Struggles.

how to write facebook ads - Identify Their Pains & Struggles

People do not wake up everyday looking for places to blow their money or things to buy. A large percentage of people make purchases to fill a hole in their lives.

Whether it’s a purchase that solves a pain, problem, struggle, makes their life better and less stressful or it’s a product that brings them joy – there is always a reason behind a purchase and it’s always to the satisfaction of the buyer. You know the famous phrase What’s In It For Me? That’s exactly how people buy things, they don’t buy things to make companies great or rich, they buy things to enrich themselves – to fill a hole or have a feeling.

So, as someone wanting to sell something whether offline or online using Facebook Ads as an example, you need to identify the pains and struggles of your target audience.

Let’s make use of website designers for example, these are their pain points/struggle:

  • Lack of clients / customers
  • Lack of clients who are willing to pay premium
  • Feeling like you need to do everything at once
  • Not having a good work, life, balance even though self-employed
  • Not knowing how to land or qualify clients
  • Not knowing how to command high prices
  • Spending too much time and effort creating projects from scratch
  • Reaching out to cold “potential customers”
  • Not knowing how to create multiple sources of income
  • Not knowing how to close the sale.

Let’s look at some of the pain points of a Blogger:

  • The need to get traffic to their blogs
  • Knowing what to write on their blog
  • Understanding how to keep a consistent from of content on their blog
  • Learning how to truly monetize their blog
  • Learning how to make their blog a full time income
  • Learning how to build a community around the blog
  • Understanding affiliate marketing / ad sponsorships on ads.
  • Retention of readers and introduction to new ones.
  • Having to spend a lot of money to get their blog “popular”

So, before you launch that new Facebook ad – ensure that a part of your ad , either the creative (video or photo), or the caption, call to action description or call to action button itself should shows that you understand the pain points and struggles of the people you are trying to target and then what you are advertising is the the solution to those pains.

I understand that not everyone is skillful enough to write high converting Facebook ads, so I have another blogpost called “Use These ‘2 Powerful Hook Words’ To Increase Conversion on Your Next Facebook Ad” this will guide you on how to write ads that points out pains, struggles and provides solution in a clean and not too “salseyy” way.

2. List Out Desires & Benefits.

facebook ad secret - List Out Desires, Benefits

Remember, people are always looking for “What’s In It For Me”?, what do I stand to gain from this product or service and the businesses or marketers who understand exactly how to show or tell people the benefits they will get from a product or paint a desired picture of the end goal of what life will look like after the person gets the product will always be one step ahead of the game.

Most marketers or people who try to sell offline or online tend to focus on the features of their products or services.

They use words like “This is the greatest course ever, this is the best product of its kind on the market, this is made in the UK e.t.c”, people don’t really care about all that (do not get me wrong, people do care on some level) but they care more about what the product or service will do for them, they care about the “feeling” than the “features”.

Let’s talk about some Desires and Benefits Website Designer/Developers desire:

  • More Money
  • Client retention
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Well paying clients
  • Clients with less or little stress
  • Faster ways to deliver web projects without having to always code from scratch
  • Customers
  • Referrals
  • A truly home based business
  • Residual income
  • Consistent income
  • More freedom and more!

Let’s talk about some Desires and Benefits Bloggers desire:

  • Money
  • More readers and a big community of followers
  • More Traffic
  • 4 Hour work week
  • Residual Income
  • More email opt-ins

Does this sound right?

Now that you have been able to identify their pain points and struggles and also their benefits and desires, how can you make use of this in your ad? How does this relate with your advertisement?

Your ad creative and copy should always let the target audience(s) know that you speak their language and understand their struggles – this is what will increase the click-through rate of your ads and make people convert better and this takes us to the third point.

3. Use “Industry Lingo”

facebook ad examples - how to write good facebook ads

Using the “industry lingo” simply means using words or phrases that people in a particular demographic market would understand. When a marketer or business uses this in their ad copy, it rings a bell to the audience and makes them recognize that the person knows them! People don’t really like playing with “outsiders”, they love to party with people who they are “cool with” or “people who know them”.

Let’s talk about some Lingos Web Designers uses and will understand:

  • Templates
  • Themes
  • Scripts
  • Plugins
  • Turn Around Time
  • Client
  • Recurring income
  • Proposal
  • Retainer
  • …and more!

Let’s talk about some Lingos Bloggers uses and will understand:

  • Traffic
  • Opt-In
  • Social Shares
  • Viral
  • Sticky posts
  • Advertisement earnings
  • Google ads / Affiliate earnings
  • Headlines
  • Landing page
  • SEO
  • Ranking on Google
  • …and more!

Those this make sense?

I know what you are thinking, this all seems like a lot of work, to be honest – it is and somehow isn’t. This is a cost-effective way to create ads that hits home for your target audience, before I started doing this practice – I lost a lot of money in ads!

My offer was good but my ad copy sucked. It wasn’t connecting the way it should.

Once you do this day in and out and you become really good at carving short stories for your ads and audience, you will be able sell anything! Why? well, because the art of sales lies in the 3 steps outlined above!

  • Point out their pains and struggles (bring it to the surface)
  • Provide a solution, a desired end result. A feeling of how their future will be after using your solution.
  • Use lingos and words that makes them feel comfortable that you an “insider”

What’s The Formula, Bro?

There are so many formulas to writing compelling ad copies depending on what the offer is.

I like to make use of the “If ____________ Then ____________ “ strategy and the “How to ____________ without __________” strategy.

The “If, Then” strategy basically aims to point out a pain point and then provide a solution. The “If” part of the ad copy will call out the pain(s) of the target audience and the “Then” part will be providing a solution.

  • If (pain point of audience) then (solution you have)

I love using this ad copy strategy because it calls out the audience and ensures that people who click-through are people who are genuinely interested in the product or offer.


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The “How to, Without” strategy is also a good one. Besides ads, it can also be used to carve out some killing blog headlines It does the same thing of calling out the audience and then eliminating fear.

  • How to get (desire of audience) without (the pain)


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Rounding Up.

Now that you’ve learnt the 3 Best Kept Secrets On How To Write Facebook Ads that Attracts Your Target Market, Don’t just think about it – do it! Use it, write it down, wrtie down the pains of your target audience, write down their benefits and desires, do you know the lingos and words they speak? write those down as well and you will be on your way to writing wining ads. Ads that penetrates, not just ads that floats around on Facebook like the million of other ads on a daily basis.

The strategies talked about in this blogpost can be used in any form of marketing, whether video, article, one-on-one or even just ads! It works!

Here’s the BIG takeaway.

“The secret sauce and key to marketing online successfully and creating ads that connects, attracts and brings a return on your investments is to connect with people who might already be interested in what you have to offer – based on their pains and desires and using language and words they understand”

I would love to send you 2 Videos for FREE, one of which is called “Anatomy Of A Great Ad” and the other is called “Examples and Deep Dive of Great Ads”. In these videos, I take you behind my shoulder and show you what really makes a great ad, I break down Facebook ads the way top marketers and businesses do it!

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