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[Lunch With A Successful Applicant] How The Exceptional Talent Visa to The UK Changes Lives

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So last week, I got a message on LinkedIn from Halim; Halim is now a successful Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa holder and he was so happy to share the results of his application with me and invite me out for a bite or coffee just to thank me for the value my content, video and consultation had in making his application a success.  He said “Hi Daniel, we exchanged a few emails a while back regarding the talent visa. I got it and moved to London, was wondering if you up for a coffee next week?”

For those who do not know, the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa allows skilled and “exceptionally talented” individuals in science, engineering, humanities, medicine, digital technology, the arts and fashion to come live and work in the UK. The Visa is a very solid initiative from the UK Government to attract and retain people who will bring value to the UK’s economy. When I got Halim’s message, I felt how happy he must be because I have also been in his shoes.

I remember when I got endorsed, I couldn’t believe it. I actually jumped up from my PC and ran downstairs to share the news with my pregnant aunt. The news of this endorsement can change your life. So, we decided to meet up in the evening on a Monday! I’d never met Halim in person prior to this, I have just replied to his emails and provided consultation to him. I never knew he was a man with wife and a kid. I thought he was just like me – a young single tech guy trying to get endorsed and move to London.

When I saw him, he was really happy to see me and we went into a coffee place nearby to sit and talk. During our conversation, we talked about the stress involved in gathering documents for the application, the endless chasing down of referees who are to write and sign letters for you, he told me about how he spent hours watching (and re-watching) my videos and more hours he spent reading my articles.

I will be honest, this really humbled me and made me feel good that the energy and time I put into posts like this is helping people. Its humbling because, I am just a young guy in his 20’s and my information is helping people twice my age to not only get the recognition they need for their skill but also giving them a better life by placing them in the United Kingdom. Another thing that made me feel good about his story was the fact that he moved his wife and kid to the UK under the Exceptional Talent Visa he got.

I felt really good about this, my help and consultation to Halim didn’t just help him but also provided an avenue for his daughter and wife to have a better life in the UK. This made me very happy. For those that don’t know, the Exceptional Talent Visa allows the holder to bring close family members (such as wife / spouse and child/children). It’s a life changer.

How Can The Exceptional Talent Visa Change Your Life?

  • Recognition of Your Skill and Talent. (by the Government)

Besides getting a Visa to move to the UK, the beauty of the endorsement is that you are getting a thumbs up (an endorsement) from the UK government saying that your skill is recognized as impactful to people, businesses and the tech scene at large. Like I always say; “there’s a big difference when a person endorses you, there is also a big difference when a company endorses you but it’s a whole different ball game when one of the most powerful government endorses you for you skill and talent”. 

This is something to very proud of. You can and should flaunt this on your CV, profile, portfolio or wherever you deem necessary. You should be proud of this because A LOT of people apply almost weekly and only a handful gets endorsed. (when I applied in 2017, they only endorsed 200 people per year world-wide for the Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa but as of the day am writing this post, its now 400 people per year which is still a very low number if you put things into perspective that its opened the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!)

Chart of Tech Nation Endorsement

So, if you get endorsed, you are special! I know it’s hard to believe sometimes that you are talented and special but if a government body says you are – you should flaunt that!

  • You Get A Visa (STRESS-FREE Visa)

The most interesting part about being endorsed as a “World Leading Exceptional Talent in your field” is the fact that you get a 5 years Visa attached to it to move to the UK. If you are endorsed as an “Exceptional Talent”, you will be able to apply for residency after 3 years but if you are endorsed as an “Exceptional Promise”, you will be able to apply for residency after 5 years.

This Visa is one of the most stress-free Visas ever and I think I understand why it is so; it’s because it takes A LOT to get endorsed in the first place and also the Government wants to ensure that holders of this Talent Visa have little or no restrictions to think, create and explore their talent to the advancement of the UK economy and the world at large.

Let’s start from the most interesting part, when you get endorsed and about to apply for your Visa, you do not have to show anything besides your Passport and printed copy of your Endorsement letter. That’s right, you do not need to show bank statements, letter of invitation from the person or people you will be staying with in the UK or any of those other documents attached to other types of Visas.

(You might need to show a Tuberculosis test result if you are from a country listed, for example as a Nigerian applying from Nigeria – that was the only other document I had to show) When you do get the Visa (which is 99% sure most of the time EXCEPT you have a previous complicated Visa status in the UK or other countries), you will be given the freedom to either be self-employed, be an employee or become an employer, whatever you choose to do to move you towards your professional goals. There is no attachment to anyone or anything. You do what you like and pursue your dreams / goals whichever way suits you the most. Absolute freedom!

  • Apply for Residency when The Time is Right.

When it’s all said and done, the reason for moving to the UK is because you love the country and would want to reside here and maybe build a family. The Exceptional Talent Visa allows you to achieve this.

Like I said earlier, If you are endorsed as an “Exceptional Talent”, you will be able to apply for residency after 3 years but if you are endorsed as an “Exceptional Promise”, you will be able to apply for residency after 5 years. For someone like me that was born and raised in Nigeria, moving to the UK and being able to live here has changed my life and it will have in impact in the family that I create when I do settle down. This Visa is a blessing.

I will applying for my residency next year and I will be able to create a blogpost about that process and how things turned out. Back to my meeting with Halim, I think we spent about 3 hours if am not mistaken just talking about everything in general and we parted ways. I told him to send me regards to his daughter and wife and he said we should definitely hangout some more and see how we can be of value to each other.

I will love to have more hangouts like this with successful applicants who used my advice. Its a great feeling to see how replying an email, offering advice and providing value can help someone move to a place they’ve always wanted to move to and acquire something they once thought was impossible. (so, for all the other successful candidates out there, please reach out to me when you touch down UK let’s have a ball – drinks on you though! lol)

In Conclusion.

I wish everyone who is applying nothing but the best, if you have any question – feel free to drop a comment or send me an email using my contact page. Even though I get loads of messages on a daily from people around the world, I always find time to reply to everyone and provide upfront value. If you believe you can get endorsed after reading the requirements, there’s a high chance you will! So, go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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