My 3 Tips On Getting High Quality People Into Your Life

Am not your average cool guy, am just a guy with love for the hustle, making people smile and having a great time chasing my dreams and goals. I grew up my with my Grand mom and she is one of those parents that doesn’t really let her kids or grand kids go out aimlessly or keep friends, I remember she always said “Friends are bad, they will lead you astray”! Chill grandmom, not all friends are bad and you are lucky to have someone like me who doesn’t get influenced or peer pressured by people easily.

I doooos what I likess. But to be honest, the mentality of friends being “bad” stuck with me and still kinda sticks with me till today and I think I am the only one in the world who doesn’t have a best friend. I just have friends. And I have a lot of people who know me but low-key think we are friends ( I didn’t get the memo bro 🙂 ) My hustle is my best friend. Fast forward to today! Am a very out-going guy, I make friends easily, I start conversations with people on the street, train, bus and my favourite – the club! (Have got some funny stories of making friends in the club, I’ll leave that for another time) Even though the above statement seems like I now have lots of friends, I still keep my circle very small, that’s even if I have a circle. In just one year, I have met stunning and high quality girls that I used to have approach anxiety to start conversations with, have made connections and relationships with high quality guys as well who have great things going on in their lives and ofcourse I have built relationships with startups and business owners around the globe.

Having high quality people in your life is very advantageous – they bring positive impact your life, they make you experience things you never would have, they provide you with reference and recommendations you wouldn’t have been able to get if you weren’t in their circle, you become a better person from all of the goodies that rubs off you from having high quality people in your life.

The richest people in the world look for and build NETWORKS, everyone else looks for work! – Robert Kiyosaki

So how do you meet high quality girls, guys or people who can be advantageous to you?

(1) DONT be yourself – Be Better!

Don’t be yourself. I had to repeat that so you don’t think it’s a typographical error. Be a better and stronger version of yourself. You have to change. Not change and become fake, but change your mindset, upgrade your lifestyle, emulate high quality traits you admire in people you look up to and begin to effect them in your life.

The media, our parents and most times our friends will say “Just be yourself bro” wait! What if “myself” is a shy little chode, is your advice to me to remain in the same mental and physical state as I am? and not aspire to be better or make efforts to become a better person? Thanks Johnny, But no thanks. I wanna change! You gotta change and upgrade your life through the way you think, the way you talk, the people you spend time with and the things that consumes a large portion of your time and day.

Don’t be yourself, be better. One thing about high quality people is this – you don’t just get into their lives because you attended the same school with them or sat together on the train, they pick, select and filter people who become their friends and become a part of their lives. You wanna know why? Because high quality people have tons of things going on in their lives, they don’t need a snail to come slow them down or bring negative vibrations into their lives, they are in constant look out for people who will be mutually beneficial to them.

  Be the energy you want to attract.


(2) Always Be Branding (ABB)

I got this one from a Newyork friend of mine. He said – Daniel, you gotta always be branding. What this means is this – wherever you are, its super important that you carry yourself in high esteem and let people (in a subtle way) know you’ve got some great shit going on in your life.

This is in no way bragging about the stuffs you have or the money you make, rather – it is from the way you talk, the way you carry yourself, the kind of comments you make and your energy, all these things come together to form your personal brand identity. High quality people can smell BS from a mile away and they can also smell other quality people from a mile away. If you do not talk and carry yourself in a conscious way that brings value to wherever you are (especially in the presence of high quality people), you’ve lost the game.

And very importantly, do not ever appear needy. What that means is – do not make the person you are trying to get into your life feel like without them in it, your life wont be complete or meaningful, you need to always come from an abundance mindset. This is key, a major key!

So, always be branding!

(3) Grab the BULL by the BALLS.

Please do not literalily grab the bulls by the balls, you are gonna get knocked out. What I mean by this is – You have to put yourself out there, start conversations with people you admire and regard as  high quality, approach people and get out of your freaking comfort zone, go out, to clubs, events, conferences and gatherings that has the kind of people you want to have in your life and while at it, smell the roses.

Stop spending all your time having worthless conversations with your friends on social media, instead, spend time reaching out to people you want in your life! Study shows that the human brain tries as much as possible to protect us from “perceived” danger, notice how I put the word perceive in double quotes? That’s because our brain, due to years of conditioning tends to see things and people outside of our comfort zone as potentially dangerous and creates excuses of why we suck and the person or situation is out of our league.

I remember looking at very very very beautiful European girls and my brain telling me “No bro, this girls are out of your league, you are just a little chode from Nigeria. Stick the girls you can get” Shut up brain, am young Don (lmao), I deserve the best things of life. And because have been spending time becoming a better version of myself and always branding, I have been able to shut that side of my brain down and have some amazing relationships with high quality girls. (The self-limiting side of the brain doesn’t get shut down completely but it’s voice become so faint that it doesn’t stop you.) You have to grab the bulls by the balls. Conquer your approach anxiety, go to places where high quality people hangout and make the world your oyster.

Networking is an essential part of building wealth. – Amstrong Williams

Gotta go back to some work now, felt like letting this off my chest. Lets talk in the comment section below, what do you think about the post? Comments, additions or maybe somethings I missed.

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Looks are most important. Niceness and intelligence can always be taught later, but ugly cannot be fixed. Unfortunately dominant DNA is not valuable because it takes over. All we want is recessive, because it is usually most attractive and intelligent. Such as Rh- blood types have higher percent successful.

Noga Sachs
Noga Sachs

I love love love this article and your concept! I have been trying to convey exactly that through my professional career my personal interactions the way that I conduct myself but I think that I can sharpen it better now that I have heard it put so astutely! The concept of never neglecting yourself and always having your A game on truly is an abundance mentality. You do not have a bottom to the amazing depth of the person that you are. No one does! Always reach. Always thrive to be better than yourself yesterday! I hadn’t heard those two… Read more »