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The Best 4 TED Talks On Building Rock Solid Confidence in Life and Business

The Best TED Talks On Building Confidence pinterest

Regardless of what field you are in, what you do or who are trying to become. You need rock solid self-confidence in order to make people believe in you, buy from you or take you serious. In order to build confidence, there are some hacks, strategies and concepts you must follow. In these top 4 best TED talks on building confidence, you will learn from experts and thought leaders on how to build confidence and grab the world by the balls! In the talk by Amy Cuddy, you will learn how to trick your brain to believing you are already a winner, a rockstar and thereby increasing your confidence to the roof, in the talk by Casey Brown, you will learn how to ask what you are worth and how to explicitly communicate your values, Mike Kinney’s talk will sweep you off your feet with different emotions, from laughing to crying to seeing him wear funny coloured spedo pants as a wrestler to learning how to amplify that thing within you that makes you standout.

Last but not the least, in the talk by Dr Joseph, you will learn the 5 key things on how to build self confidence as a skill! You are in for a treat! Get ready to learn and unlearn the things you’ve known all your life.

The Best 4 TED Talks On Building Confidence.

The Best 4 TED Talks On Building Confidence On The Internet

1. Your body language may shape who you are | Amy Cuddy.

In this TED talk, Amy talked about Body language and the impact it can have and has on our life and confidence in either approaching things or stressful situations. The main concept in her talk was the concept behind the non-verbals expressions we can express with our bodies called “Power Posses”. This involves expanding our body, spreading out and taking up space in order to “open up”. This phenomenon is both present in humans and animals. Most athletes and people generally always find themselves stretching their hands and making a V sign when they win at something, complete a task or achieve something outstanding.

She gave example of how even when someone who was born blind and has never seen anyone jubilate a victory before, when they finish a race or achieve something spectacular, they also make the “V” hand sign to show accomplishment. If stretching our hands to the sky to say we’ve won is the natural pose we tend to go into when we feel confident, great and like a winner, why not spend some seconds to make that same power pose before we are about to go into situations that terrifies us, intimidates us or make use feel like anxious? The brain is a very funny part of our body, we can trick it into believing something just by behaving in a certain way – for example, behaving like we’ve already won and conquered a “scary situation” even before we go into it, this will boost our confidence and make us feel like winners even in intimidating situations.

FAKE IT TILL YOU BECOME IT she said! A simple practice of this “power pose” will bring about vibes such as: Passionate, Confident, Enthusiastic, Presence, Authentic, Comfortable, Captivating energy to whatever situation you are in or about to go into. Our bodies change our minds and our minds change our behaviour and our behaviour changes our outcome!

2. Know your worth, and then ask for it | Casey Brown.

Casey Brown began the talk by making a big statement “No one will ever pay you what you are worth! They will only ever pay you what they think you are worth and you control their thinking”. This talk is powerful for both business owners, entrepreneurs, employees and even in real life situations such as relationships! It is very important to get paid what you are worth (whether its monetarily or otherwise), and people will only pay you what you are worth based on what they think you are worth, you can control their thoughts by communicating your values! Clearly defining and communicating your values are essential to being paid what you are worth.

A clear definition of value plus clear communication = earning what you are worth and this requires confidence. Without confidence to ask for what you are worth, you will always remain underpaid or treated in ways you know are beneath you. This TED talk will ignite the fire in you to gain the confidence required to begin to earn more money, respect and admiration for your work, service and expertise.

No one will ever pay you what you are worth, they will only pay you what they “think” you are worth, and you control their thinking.


(3) A pro wrestler’s guide to confidence | Mike Kinney

This talk by Mike Kinney is both “funny” and “touching” at the same time. When Mike wanted to chase a career as a Pro Wrestler, he was stuck between how he looked, his sense of dress and personality. He felt as though he wasn’t up to the standards of Pro Wrestlers – how they carried themselves, their type of showmanship and their whole aura.

In this talk, he talked about how to hone what makes you unique and use that to your advantage. One of the things that makes people feel less confident is their habit of comparing themselves to others. He said, Stop comparing yourself with others, find out what makes you unique and use that to your advantage. Mike went ahead to say “Find out how to amplify something within you and TURN it up to the max”.

What is that thing about you that is unique to you? TURN IT UP!!! Amplify it, that will set you apart and boost your confidence. Nothing gives a man confidence than knowing he’s got something that no one else has! This is a confident booster. The whole concept and message behind this talk is the road to constantly looking for what makes you different and amplifying it for the world to see and you will never know the abilities you have until you dig! This is very interesting, touching and funny talk!

(4) The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph.

In this TED talk, Dr Joseph talked about his past life a soccer team coach. Most parents would come to him asking about what would make their kid get into the soccer team, he would go ahead to ask them to tell him somethings about their kids and they would list things such as their talent, skills and personal trait but he always told them the most important thing needed to become a soccer player (and even anything in life) is self confidence because without that “we are useless” because when you loose sight of the belief in yourself, you are done for.

He defined self-confidence as “The ability or the belief to accomplish any task no matter the odds, difficulty or adversity.” He talks about self confidence being a SKILL and that it can be trained and acquired. He went ahead to outline the 5 ways to build self confidence.

We can find more confidence within us if we know where to look. Confidence doesn’t exist on the outside, rather it does on the inside. Be sure to watch the video, this will be one of the best talks to help you build self-confidence and garb your life by the balls!

Rounding Up!

Whatever you do in life, without confidence you will always come accross as someone who  doesn’t know what they are talking about, who doesn’t believe in what they are bringing in to the table and in worse case scenarios – as someone who doesn’t believe in themselves. In whatever you do, be confident! You deserve better! Which of these TED talks resonated most with you? Drop a comment below lets vibe!

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