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LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Will Now Be Self-Serviced Via Campaign Manager

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Will Now Be Self-Serviced Via Campaign Manager
LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Will Now Be Self-Serviced Via Campaign Manager

LinkedIn’s principal product manager Ayusman Sarangi announced via their blog that LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are now available directly in Campaign Manager and will roll out “in the coming week”. Dynamic Ads from LinkedIn is one of the most personalized ads that can be created on any Ad platform. Dynamic Ads help you build deeper relationships with your audience by automatically customizing your ad creative with the publicly available information from LinkedIn member profiles such as name, photo, company name, job title, and more.

In the blogpost annoucing this, Sarangi also stated that “LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has now made all key formats available via self service, making it easy for all online marketers — regardless of size — to leverage LinkedIn’s advertising tools, so they can achieve their marketing goals.” What does this mean for B2B advertising and businesses in general? Well, it means that can now tailor campaigns to feature their company’s product, service, event and more personalized to their audience and as a result of this, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads have show up to 2X the click-through rate of traditional display ads.

What makes Dynamic Ads from LinkedIn one of a kind is that it enables brand to customize their ad creatives by using information and data that is publicly available on their target aduience’s profile and Sarangi wrote that “Because the creative is automatically personalized with each member’s profile info—like their photo, first name, company and job title—you can capture your audience’s attention in a way that standard display ads can’t.”

By showing targeted user profiles next to our brand, Dynamic Ads allow us to send highly-targeted messages, introducing and familiarizing our business with our audience. This has resulted in higher engagement and an increase in conversion rates. — Tom Metcalfe, Senior Lead Gen Executive, In Touch Networks

With the self-service Dynamic Ad introduction, personalization is now simpler than ever. Brands and marketers will be able to build and write their creatives once while LinkedIn automatically personalizes their campaign for each person they target. Macros and data mapping tools can be added as well for even greater customization capabilities and Dynamic Ads also includes pre-built templates that streamlines your creative, and auto-translation to engage your prospects, no matter what language they speak.

Also included in Display Ads is ability to achieve full funnel marketing objectives by reaching potential buyers at every stage of the buyer’s journey with different formats to achieve pre-set goals. For example, to drive brand awareness, “follower ads”  can be used to promote your Company or Showcase page to help you build a community and on the other hand, if you want to drive traffic and website conversions, making use of “spotlight ads” to highlight a product, service or event is the way to go.

From the Campaign Manger, you can run Split Tests and A/B testings whilst also monitoring the performance of your ads all directly from the Campaign Manager.

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